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Mission Statement

We recover unclaimed funds for our clients in an honest and professional manner, by taking on the hassle and paperwork, dealing with the county, state or courts, and making the process as smooth as possible.


We research tax liens, court records, land titles, deeds, probate cases, bankruptcy records and whatever records exit anywhere to get our clients the funds they are owed.



We file or assist clients in completing and filing the needed paperwork to recover their funds, following the required criteria, in order to avoid rejections due to incomplete or insufficient evidence.


Contact Tracing

We find persons of interest in our cases, whether trustees, judges, debtors, creditors or family members. Wherever they are in the United States, we will find them. No matter how long it takes.



We monitor our filings for progress and completion, and can catch filing issues for our clients, resulting in completed filings and ultimate fund recovery success.  



We assess the records and advise our clients what the real situation is, what the likelihood of funds being recovered is, and how long it may take. 



In the end, our goal is to make sure you get paid! We make sure you get your check you are owed, and only then, do we receive our fee for services rendered.